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Genetic Testing

Athleticode’s APOE test provides information that a physician, athletes and their parents can consider and use in deciding upon a return to play plan after TBI.

Test results are provided with educational tools that allow physicians to counsel athletes and their parents in the development of a personalized return to play protocol.

Concussion Rehabilitation

Members of the Athleticode Physician Network will gain access to a suite of informational tools and proprietary apps to assist in the return to play process, including comprehensive information regarding ongoing genetic association studies in the TBI field.

KTVU Special Report:New tests, Pop Warner rules aim to protect teens from concussions

Former NFL player Dr. Jim Kovach, now a Marin County physician, said, "We're trying to help physicians give more personalized approach to return to play after a sport concussion."

He and a few others have developed a simple cheek swab test to determine if your child is prone toward concussions.

Dr. Mark Lawler, a sports surgeon from Novato, said the test is game changer.

"You're going to see this test done in almost every single professional athlete," Lawler said. The test will cost approximately $400. It is recommended for families of young athletes who've had a concussion. "I think you're going to use this information to say should my child continue to play this sport," said Lawler.