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There is No Such Thing as a Concussion Proof Helmet


Concussion is a study of physics.  The back and forth motion of the brain is caused by deceleration after a hit brings the head to a sudden stop.  Many point out that better helmets merely make it easier for football players to lead with their head, exacerbating the g-forces caused in a collision.

As this article points out, helmet manufacturing is hitting the ‘law of diminishing returns.’  This axiom observes that one reaches a point where more and more money provides less and less return – in this case, the ability of the helmet to reduce and dissipate impact of head traumas caused by football collisions.

But how about work to identify athletes who may be more susceptible to concussions, or who may exhibit a more difficult time returning to baseline after a concussion, based on the genetic makeup of that athlete.  This field is one that Athleticode has pioneered, implementing in partnership with a network of physicians treating sport concussion.  As valuable as the information in our APOE test is to physicians helping athletes return to play after a concussion, we predict the field will expand rapidly, as more athletes are tested and as forward looking research studies are launched by Athleticode and its network.  Stay tuned and join us in evaluating this return on investment.