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American Academy of Neurology names APOE4 as Risk Factor for Chronic Neurological Impairment After Concussion


For the first time in 15 years, the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) updated its evidence-based concussion guidelines, naming APOE4 as a risk factor for chronic neurological impairment after concussion.

Athleticode had already made this call in launching its physician network to conduct APOE testing as a part of a more personalized return to play protocol after sport concussion.

APOE research has been ongoing for over 15 years, and we applaud the AAN for reviewing the body of literature and recognizing the association of the APOE4 genotype with poorer cognitive outcomes after traumatic brain injury including concussion.

Look for Athleticode to extend our pioneering work in genotyping former NFL players to providing services through its network to younger athletes.  After all, its the younger athletes (and their parents) who can take proactive steps to ensure optimal brain health on the playing field and after the cleats are hung up for the last time.