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Study Bolsters Link Between Routine Hits and Brain Disease

The growing evidence of a link between head trauma and long-term, degenerative brain disease was amplified in an extensive study of athletes, military veterans and others who absorbed repeated hits to the head, according to new findings published in the scientific journal Brain. Read more here: study-bolsters-link-between-routine-hits-to-head-and-long-term-brain-disease.html?_r=0  

American Medical Society for Sports Medicine calls for more personalized treatment for concussion.

A leading sports medical society issued the call for physicians, certified trainers and others who work regularly with the athlete to personalize the review of his or her treatment against the athlete’s history, behavior and risk factors to understand the best person-centered care plan. Read More: http://www.news-medical.net/news/20121214/AMSSM-statement-on-e28098Concussion-in-Sporte28099.aspx. PDF