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The Value In Genetic Testing After Concussion

How genetic testing can provide valuable information about your sport concussion

Testing for certain genes has previously documented an association between certain gene factors and outcomes from injuries such as concussion.

It is important to note that these relationships are not fully ‘diagnostic’ in nature.  The clinical studies that have identified these relationships consistently point to a relationship between certain genetic signatures and poorer overall concussion response.  However, these studies are each too small to possess the statistical strength to prove a ‘diagnostic’ relationship.

Still, enough studies have been conducted to allow this information to be incorporated into the educational repertoire of physicians and certified athletic trainers; athletes and their parents in developing a return to play plan of action after sport concussion.

Athleticode’s APOE test identifies several specific regions along the Apolipoprotein E gene.  Apoliprotein E (APOE for short) is a protein that is important in the repair and recovery of brain cells that have been damaged due to concussion.

Athleticode’s APOE test provides information that a physician, athletes and their parents can consider and use in deciding upon a return to play plan after concussion.