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Tips For Talking With Your Doctor and Certified Athletic Trainer

  • Athletes, Parents, Physicians and Certified Athletic Trainers Tackling Concussions Together - Tips for talking with your doctor and certified trainer

Athletes talking with their physicians and certified athletic trainers openly about a concussion suffered—and keeping them informed every step of the way—will allow for the best possible decisions about returning to play after concussion.

Educated Athletes and Parents

  • Visit websites designed to educate and assist athletes and parents about sport concussion.
  • Ask your doctor or certified trainer where you can learn more about concussion, its treatment and any ongoing research.
  • Be informed when you talk to your doctor, certified athletic trainers and treatment team.
  • Ask questions and be proactive. It’s your athletic career —and your health!
  • Talk openly with your physician and certified athletic trainer.

APOE testing for concussions may not be of interest to everyone, but staying informed and asking about such testing, you can be sure that every avenue providing information to fully educate you about your concussion has been explored.  And for you, that may make a difference.

Here are some questions you might ask your doctor or certified athletic trainer:

  • What caused my concussion?
  • Are there any therapies?
  • When will I be able to return to play?
  • Does having had a concussion make an athlete more susceptible to future concussions?
  • Why do some athletes recover more quickly from concussions than others?