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Journalists Have a Long Way to Go in Reporting on Concussion



Its got to be tough being a sports journalist these days.  I know there are stories of NFL head coaches barring reporters from access if a reporter asks the tough questions.


But we talk about the need for concussion education, and what profession educates the American public on the subject of sports more than journalism.

This fascinating article from the National Post analyzed 541 newspaper articles in US and Canadian newspapers over a 13 year period time, concluding that "American papers spoke less frequently about aggression contributing to head injuries in hockey. But more often they address perceptions of the risks of brain injury. In both Canada and the United States, we see accurate reporting of the medical side of things more frequently ut there is still the sense, in both media to a certain extent, that aggression and violence are part of the sport."

We are seeing the tip of the iceberg on the long-term effects of repetitive brain trauma.  It will be interesting to see the role that journalistic reporting plays in the upcoming months and years.