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Meta-Analysis of APOE4 Allele and Outcome after Traumatic Brain Injury

PDFMeta-Analysis of APOE4 Allele and Outcome after Traumatic Brain Injury. Zhou, W, Xu, D, Peng, X, Zhang, Q. Journal of Neurotrauma 25:279–290 (April 2008)

December 26, 2012.  Today's Post:

Zhou and his colleagues carried out a comprehensive survey and meta-analysis of cohort studies of sufficient rigor to determine whether the presence of the APOE4 allele contributes to initial injury severity and/or poor outcome following traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Literature published from January 1993 to October 2007 was the subject of this analysis. Of 100 identified studies, 14 cohort studies were selected for analysis based on comprehensive quality assessment.  These studies included a total of 2527 participants, 736 with and 1791 without the APOE4 allele

The APOE4 allele was not associated with initial injury severity of TBI. However, the APOE4 allele was significantly associated with a poor outcome of TBI at 6 months after injury.  The association remained significant in sensitivity tests.

Further research is ongoing, however in the interim this comprehensive analysis can be useful to physicians and certified athletic trainers in providing a more personalized return to competition after concussion.

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